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Woman Gives Husband A Fake Shopping List To Get Him Off The Couch

If you're busting a gut to get through your to-do list and your housemates/significant other/kids are taking it easy it can be tempting to get physical them with the mop to forcibly remove them from the sofa. But one US mum and blogger took a more subtle approach to get her husband off the couch and get revenge.

Blogger, Karen Alpert, shared the seemingly innocent shopping list she sent her husband to the supermarket with after he refused to get off the sofa and help her with some chores around the house.


Karen, perhaps better known by her blog name, Baby Sideburns, shared the image on her Facebook page over the weekend to reveal how she'd tricked him ahead of April Fool's Day.

And the US-based mummy's prank left her followers in stitches.

She captioned the photo: "OMG my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I'm doing sooooo much stuff so I finally got super annoyed and send him to the grocery store with a special shopping list. And yes I turned my ringer off."

Credit: Facebook/Baby Sideburns
Credit: Facebook/Baby Sideburns

Karen had written on the list: "3 per cent milk, seedless strawberries, fat-free hummus, wheat thins (the ones in the blue box) unsour cream, diet diet coke (you might ask because it's new), mellow cheese, organic Pop Tarts."

And, just in case you haven't guessed it already, none of these items actually exist.


The post quickly went viral and gained over 65,000 likes, 56,000 shares and 18,000 comments since it was posted on Saturday (at the time of writing).

Credit: Facebook/Baby Sideburns
Credit: Facebook/Baby Sideburns

One tickled mum commented on the post: "The thing is, my husband calls me no matter what I send him for, every time. Part of what makes this funny!"

Another typed: "All I can say is, "Thank gawd I wasn't drinking anything when I looked the second time because my computer keyboard would have been ruined!"

A third wanted to know more about her husband's reaction and said: "I am seriously invested in knowing what he came back with. Ok. I wouldn't be that mean but it would be so funny!!"

One simple said: "Serves him right!"

Karen often makes jokes at her husband's expense on her parenting blog but admits it's all in jest describing him on her website as her "very helpful, hot, amazing hubby who I somehow fooled into marrying me."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Baby Sideburns, Karen Alpert

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