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You Can Get Paid To Travel The World While Drinking Gin

Being paid to travel around the world and to drink gin would never, ever happen, right? Wrong.

One company is offering up everyone's dream opportunity to travel to Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon, all while drinking gin and earning yourself a bit of a dollar.


This brand new job comes courtesy of famed gin brand Bombay Sapphire and Inception group, who have teamed up to find a global ambassador aka an expert gin drinker.

It is all to celebrate the opening of a new bar, Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration, which has been inspired around Phileas Fogg's 80 day trip around the world.

Credit: Instagram/Mr Fogg's GB
Credit: Instagram/Mr Fogg's GB

And you won't have to worry about being lonely as you enjoy as many gin-based tipples as you possibly can as you trot around the globe, as you can also take one of your best mates along for the ride too (provided they like gin).

Of course, you are expected to do a bit of work while you are out there, although when you're basically jet setting and drinking for free, it's honestly not too much to ask.

Whoever is chosen as the next global ambassador will need to document the entire journey round the globe in a fancy pants journal. You will also need to post on social media and write a blog along the way, but I'm guessing you'd be doing that anyway on your Instagram story.


Credit: Instagram/Bombay Sapphire UK
Credit: Instagram/Bombay Sapphire UK

That's not it, as you will need to collect extra fancy botanicals as well as inspiration for yummy cocktails along the way.

When you return back to the UK from your travels, you will be expected to create your own delicious 'Around The World' cocktail.

You will need to be free between August 2018 and November 2018, so you best get perfecting your CV if you want to bag yourself this incredibly boozy role.

While the job is listed as paid, it doesn't specify any details, but it does say that you need to be skilled in social media, photography, and writing. You'll also need a valid passport, love gin and know the two brands inside out. Check, check, check!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Bombay Sapphire/Pexels

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