Easter Egg Chart Reveals Women's Cervix Dilation During Childbirth

Unless you're a parent yourself, it can be difficult to imagine the incredible journey that a woman's body goes through, during the process of bringing a child into the world.

But, while it's tricky to understand how the human body can shift to push out another little human, a parenting blog has put it into the most relatable terms - just so we can get our heads around it.

Credit: Kalma Baby
Credit: Kalma Baby

In fact, Kalma Baby has produced an eggstraordinary cervix dilation chart, which shows the number of centimetres the cervix is dilated, in relation to different sized chocolate Easter eggs, as you do.

Right at the bottom of the scale is the teeny tiny 1cm Mini Egg, ranging right through to the delivery-ready 10cm Cadbury Easter egg.

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Following the Mini Egg is the 2cm Lindt egg, then the 3cm Dime Dairy Milk egg, the 4cm Smarties egg, the classic 5cm actual boiled egg, the 6cm Kinder Surprise, and then once you hit the 7cm Milkybar egg, you're just about ready to deliver the egg... I mean, baby. Next up is the 8cm Cadbury Buttons egg, the 9cm Rolo egg, and finally the full 10m Cadbury Easter egg.

Once the cervix is dilated by 10cm, this will signal midwives that labour is ready to begin - and now we know, the cervix should also resemble the circumference of a chocolate Cadbury Easter egg. That certainly conjures up some strange images.

Credit: Cadbury
Credit: Cadbury

The chart was recently shared on Facebook by Royal Devon and Exeter Maternity Services, harnessing thousands of comments from followers.

"Easter is cancelled," one person commented, while another added: "I'll never look at a Mini Egg in quite the same away!"

A third revealed the diagram made her feel both "traumatised and peckish" at the thought.

Well, that's something new to think about while we chomp down on our chocolate this Easter.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Cadbury

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