We've all heard of getting enough beauty sleep. It can be good for repairing skin, it can avoid creating heavy bags under our eyes and it's super good for our hair too. And now, it can apparently help us lose weight, according to a new study. Winner winner.

Those people who are looking to lose weight should start focusing less on what they're eating, and more on their sleeping pattern as apparently those people with a good sleeping pattern find it easier to shift those extra pounds. According to new research, up to 74 percent of people who slept well, found it easier to lose weight, and 82 percent said they found it easier to stick to a healthy eating regime.

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But what actually is a good nights sleep? We're always told to aim for eight hours kip each night but of course everyone differs, however the researchers regard between seven and a half hours and eight hours sleep, as a decent night. Damn, maybe we should stop watching Netflix before bed.

Interestingly, 54 percent of the struggled sleepers admitting to drinking too much booze as well, which makes sense really.

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The results are from a new survey of 1,000 people by Forza Supplements and managing director Lee Smith says: "They call it beauty sleep for a very good reason - eight hours a night really does help us to lose weight and live more healthily.


"This new research shows that the key to successful dieting is discipline and routine - you need to adopt good habits and stick with them.

"If you are sleeping erratically and getting up in the night, chances are you are a boozer who is also visiting the fridge while successful dieters are upstairs in bed fast asleep."

well, I'm not entirely sure that is a fair assumption. There are lots of reasons people struggle sleep, not just because they've got their head in the bloody fridge.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and started her career in regional newspapers before joining the team in 2017. Contact her on emma.rosemurgey@pretty52.com

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