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There's A Bali Hostel That Offers Puppy Therapy And Costs £19 A Night

Bali and puppies are two of our favourite things. So imagine our incredulous joy when we heard about a hostel that isn't just in Bali, but that has regular puppy therapy to help guests destress.

Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel is a boutique escape in Ubud, and it takes its guests' wellbeing very seriously.


So seriously in fact, that every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, there is puppy therapy for guests.

Instagram posts from the hostel show guests living their best life as they play with a variety of seriously cute pups.

We can't think of anything better to get our stress levels down than hanging out with puppies in Bali.

Best of all, the hotel is a bargain, costing just £19 a night.

For this, you'll also be able to take part in daily free yoga lessons, as well as enjoy day trips around Ubud, join in barbecue nights with live music and chill out at movie nights in the hostel's cinema room.

There's even a daily healthy breakfast, which is also free - and if that weren't enough, guests can receive free massages too.


The hostel has received rave reviews on Hostelworld, with visitors rating it a whopping 9.6 out of 10.

Fans have called it "the most beautiful hostel I've ever stayed at", saying that the facilities are "fantastic" and that the staff are "kind, friendly and exceptionally helpful".

"Couldn't think of a complaint even if I tried," one fan raved. "Free yoga & breakfast every morning, free massages by the most tranquil & serene pool area that is inexplainable until you experience its beauty at first hand.

"Staff was [sic] the absolute nicest and so welcoming. Puppy therapy two days a week, not to mention the food was OUTSTANDING."

BRB, we're going to book our flights to Bali right now...

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel is a freelance journalist at Pretty52. She writes entertainment, travel and lifestyle content for a variety of print and digital titles.

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