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​Chris Hughes Discusses Brother's Testicular Cancer Diagnosis On 'This Morning'

Chris Hughes appeared on This Morning on Wednesday to discuss his brother Ben's testicular cancer diagnosis.

The Love Island star took to Instagram to reveal that his brother had been diagnosed with cancer less than two months after Chris appeared on This Morning to undergo a live testicular examination.


During the show, Chris revealed that it was that live examination that prompted Ben to check himself which led to him finding a lump.

Speaking to This Morning viewers in a pre-recorded message, Chris said: "I just want to thank This Morning for allowing me to come on the show and do the live testicular examination the other month it was very important to me.

"We had a bit of sad news yesterday that my brother had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, he's popped into my room the day after I done the live testicular examination saying that he's checked himself and found a lump.

"I told him to go and get it checked out, which he did, he got the results yesterday afternoon that it is testicular cancer so very unfortunate but hopefully he has found it in early stages which is obviously vital.

"We await the prognosis and hopefully it hasn't spread you know this is the most important thing."


Chris filmed a message for This Morning viewers. (Credit: ITV/This Morning)
Chris filmed a message for This Morning viewers. (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

Chris also urged all men to go to the doctor if they notice anything unusual even if they think it might be nothing.

He added: "I just want to urge anybody to get themselves checked out, make sure you do it, don't neglect it because it is so easy to neglect. Men all across the world do that and you know, it's easy to ignore.

"You know, get yourselves checked out as it can be life-saving, and if you catch it in an early stage there shouldn't be any issue."

Ben spotted the lump after examining himself. (Credit: Instagram/Chris Hughes)
Ben spotted the lump after examining himself. (Credit: Instagram/Chris Hughes)

After undergoing the live examination, Chris was praised by viewers for raising awareness of self-examination.

One viewer wrote: "This Morning have shown this before, so made self examination less weird. Few years ago I did find something, which was terrifying, after GP referred for an ultrasound scan it was just a cyst. Thank you Chris for promoting self examination, check yourself out fellas!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Chris Hughes

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