This 10 Year Challenge Is The Most Important We've Seen So Far - Here's Why

The 10-year challenge is a chance to reminisce, laugh at your noughties hair and cringe at your over-plucked eyebrows. But for engineer Sam Davies, the reason behind posting the picture of her sister, Liane Roberson, was filled with sadness and she hopes it delivers a message to women all over the UK to attend their routine smear test.

Credit: Sam Davies
Credit: Sam Davies

"When Liane had her second baby in November 2010 she was quite unwell with bleeding and pain, but just put it down to complications after giving birth," said Sam in an exclusive interview with Pretty52.

Credit: Sam Davies
Credit: Sam Davies

"But when she went downhill and was admitted to hospital to be treated for an infection, they found something far more sinister and she was diagnosed with stage-two cancer in March 2011."

Liane had radiotherapy and chemo, but sadly the treatment didn't work. And in August 2011 she was given just three months to live and passed away in November leaving her one-year-old son, Kieran and eight-year old daughter, Abbie to be cared for by family.

Sam hopes the photo of Liane with her daughter in 2009 posted next to one of her two children next to her graveside in 2019 will encourage women to go to their routine tests.

Credit: Facebook/Sam Davies
Credit: Facebook/Sam Davies

"If you have the time to find and post a picture, you have the time to book your appointment," says Sam, "I understand it's awkward, but Liane's treatment was far more invasive and painful than an awkward smear test could ever be."

So had Liane missed her routine smear test? No. Liane fell pregnant at 25 and so wasn't able to make her first scheduled smear test - and by the time she'd given birth it was already too late.

"The age of testing should be lowered and people should be able to request a screen before the age of 25," says Sam. "If this encourages just one person to book their appointment I'll be happy."

Click here for more information and contact your GP to schedule an appointment.

For support and advice on cervical cancer, visit Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

Featured Image Credit: Sam Davies

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