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Kanye West Taken To Hospital 'For His Own Safety'

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Kanye West was taken into hospital after a 'disturbance call' was made to the police.

Yesterday it was announced that the rapper would be cancelling the last 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour, following his bizarre rant about Jay Z, Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton, on stage in Sacramento. No reason was given for the cancellation.

Shortly after the announcement, an emergency services call was made from West's trainer Harely Pasternak's home and when help arrived it was decided it was a 'medical emergency'. He was taken to 'for his own safety' according to NBC.

Credit: PA

An unnamed source told the New York Post:

He's having a nervous breakdown. He's surrounded by all these crazy people, but there's nobody he listens to or who can rein him in. He's spiraling further and further out of control... he is becoming more and more unpredictable.

Law enforcement officers told TMZ that West handcuffed to a gurney during his trip to hospital, which is 'standard protocol', apparently.

A spokesperson told the BBC:

At 13:20 Pacific Time, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an unspecified medical aid request. An adult male described as medically stable was taken to an area hospital for further assessment.

He was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre where he was treated for exhaustion.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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