As a personal trainer and health coach I'm often asked about whether I eat carbs, if I cut out dairy, if I eat low-fat and basically what makes up my diet on a day to day basis. The thing is, everyone's lifestyle and therefore needs are completely different, so I'd never recommend that people just follow my nutrition plan spot on as what works for me might not work for them.

However, for some healthy (and perhaps not-so-healthy - uh oh!) inspiration, read on and find out what's in a typical PT's fridge...

Credit: Samantha Neades

Eggs are a must in any non-vegan diet IMO; they're a fantastic source of protein, healthy fats and tons of vitamins and minerals. They're super versatile too, perfect for a quick meal and can be teamed with yummy veggies in an omelette or simply scrambled on top of toast for a balanced and filling light meal. I've always got apples and bananas in my fridge too; great for a snack to grab when you're in a rush or for adding to smoothies. Nail polish obviously isn't part of my diet, but they don't go gloopy if you keep them in the fridge...!

Credit: Samantha Neades

I've usually got hummus on hand and use it to top a Ryvita as a quick snack, or use it as a dip for veggie sticks. I've got some 'Slim Noodles' here too to bulk out dishes like stir fries; these are low-carb and extremely low-calorie but I must say, I'm not a huge fan of them as they are pretty pricey and I'm not too keen on the texture...

I don't have a huge amount of condiments but always keep a few staples in. Light mayonnaise is a must in my book; I'm a huge mayo fan and add it to anything I can, but choose the lighter version as it is significantly lower in calories (and to me, doesn't taste that different to the full-fat version!) I've always got some Lazy Garlic and chipotle sauce in the fridge to add in to stir fries or roasted veg to enhance the flavour. There's some sneaky BBQ sauce in there too, and mango chutney; both of which are high in sugar so I only have these as a treat now and then.

Credit: Samantha Neades

Ok, confession time number 1. I love cheese. Like, I'm obsessed. And no matter how bad it may be for you, I refuse to give it up. Just, NO. So that I can still enjoy it and not feel too guilty, I choose light cheddar (which, interestingly, is higher in protein than normal cheddar, winner!) and in the Tupperware container I've got some feta cheese, which is really flavourful so you don't need to use as much (well, in theory.)

I've always got berries on hand; this week it's strawberries and blueberries, which I add to another favourite of mine - yoghurt. I love a bowlful of Greek yoghurt topped with fruit and seeds, and this week I've also got some soya yoghurt in too (coconut flavoured which I'm just enjoying as a treat now and then, as it does have a little added sugar.)

Credit: Samantha Neades

I drink filtered water (I live in a hard water area) and find it much more palatable when it's cold from the fridge; as I aim for at least 3 litres a day, it's important to me that I've always got fresh, filtered and cold water on hand. Did you know that cold water can boost your metabolism?

I've always, always, ALWAYS got spinach in the house (and usually kale too); I add it to eggs, smoothies, and actually any hot meal to give me an extra hit of veg, healthy fibre and iron.

There are some pots of low calorie jelly in there which are great for a sweet treat at less than 10 calories a pot, and some pre-made protein shakes too. As I train a lot, it's important for me to keep my protein intake high so that my muscles can rebuild after high intensity sessions.

Confession time number 2... Did you spot the cider at the back?! I love cider, and especially seeing as summer is on it's way it's crucial (well, perhaps not crucial, but important to me) to be prepared for any last-minute BBQs, am I right?!

Credit: Samantha Neades

The bottom shelf of the fridge is where you should always store raw meat (helpful tip for you there!). I've usually got chicken or fish on hand as they're great low-fat sources of protein. There's a cheeky ready meal in there too; at least once a week I work a 15-hour day and honestly, can never be arsed to cook a meal when I get home at 9pm. So if I don't have homemade leftovers to hand, I'll grab a healthy microwave meal. Yes, it's totally not ideal. But it's better to eat something rather than nothing, and it's a hell of a lot better than getting takeout.

You can see a big tub of mushrooms which I use as added bulk in omelettes or stir fries; they're low in calories too. And courgettes, courgettes, everywhere... Yep, I've got like 5 in there at the moment. I love courgettes and eat loads of them. They are SO good for you, really cheap, incredibly low-calorie and can be used in so many ways; stir fried, roasted, boiled or as a low-carb spaghetti.

Credit: Samantha Neades

And I've just realised I need to restock my salad drawer. This is pretty empty for me; usually I'd have more in here like kale and peppers. As I live on my own, I find fresh food can go off quite quickly, so I tend to do a couple of little food shops a week rather than a weekly bulk buy. I've always got salad essentials on hand (like lettuce and tomato) so that with every single meal I can ensure I'm getting a good couple of portions of fruit and veg; even if it's just a simple side salad. Broccoli is a must and I eat it at least 3 times a week; it's so easy to prepare and SO good for you. I love stir fries and a packet of stir fry veg mixed with a protein of your choice (like prawns, chicken or Quorn for veggies) is a great quick and easy - and super healthy - meal that you can make in literally less than 10 minutes. Last, but definitely not least, is the avocado. It's sad, but I panic if I don't have an avocado on hand. Yes, I need to get a life. But, avocados are a truly incredible food; high in healthy fats, full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and they're incredibly versatile too.

Credit: Samantha Neades

The most important things in my life fridge live in the door; coffee and wine, obviously (confession time number 3...)

I cannot function without coffee. OK, slight exaggeration, but I do have a lot of early starts and it's truly needed at times. Plus, I have a coffee machine which makes the most TO DIE FOR espressos, which is perfect for a healthy pick-me-up; coffee is known for its antioxidant and metabolism-boosting properties. I have almond milk as it's a great non-dairy substitute and I have it in coffees, smoothies and porridge. I'm not lactose intolerant but do often enjoy yoghurt and cheese, so I try not to have too much cow's milk on top of that; but I do have semi-skimmed milk on hand for the odd cuppa. I've got some kefir in here which helps your gut with its gut-boosting pro- and pre-biotics, along with milled seeds and greens powder - I pop all of these in smoothies for an added nutritional boost.

Yes, there are two bottles of wine in there. The white wine is delicious, and although I don't drink a huge amount it's good to have in the fridge for the odd treat or special occasion. Y'know, like a Tuesday. I don't like drinking red wine but used a splash in a homemade spag bol over the weekend.

I hope this has given you some healthy inspiration as to what should probably be in your fridge (obviously, the alcohol is a not a necessity). You want to aim for protein (such as lean meats, eggs and dairy produce), healthy fats (like avocados and seeds) and, most importantly, plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Don't deprive yourself completely of treats, what's most important is that you're eating a varied, mostly healthy and balanced diet (think 80% good, 20% not so good) that you'll be able to stick to in the long run.

Written by Samantha Neades / Personal Trainer / Cheltenham Women's Fitness

Featured Image Credit: PA

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