The sad thing about dieting is that the food is, unless you have bags of time and energy, pretty rubbish.

It's easy to struggle to find the motivation to complete your diet. Why would you? There is nothing fun about eating lettuce.

But all that could be a thing of the past thanks to a company called who have managed to create a whole pizza which has less calories than two slices of a Domino's or Pizza Hut variant!

The pizzas are ten inches wide and come in four different varieties all of which contain less than 400kcal including Mediterranean vegetable(378kcal) , goats' cheese (386kcal), chicken tikka (380kcal) and the classic margherita (364kcal)! Pretty incredible, right?

Goats' Cheese. Credit:

So how have they managed to concoct such delicacies that are still healthy? Well, it's a standard, oval-shaped pizza base fortified with pea protein, rather than the traditional round, carb and fat filled dough base. They're high in protein and carbohydrates and their naturally gluten-free.

The best part is that it's estimated each pizza contains less than half a teaspoon of fat.

Unlike all the salads that you spend hours slaving over, the pizzas can cook in about 12 minutes and they only cost £3.95 each. What a steal.

Margherita. Credit:

Darren Beale of had this to say about the wondrous pizza:

When you're on a diet it can be hard to give up the foods you love and it's those weekend takeaways and naughty treats packed with calories that we all miss.

We wanted to create a pizza for dieters and those following a healthy eating plan which tastes and looks as good as anything you'd order from a takeaway without all the fat, carbohydrates and calories.

We developed three tasty toppings which are low in calories and high in taste and hope to add more to the range if these prove popular.

The feedback from customers has been amazing. The first batch sold out in 48 hours which goes to show how much customers really do want to be able stick to their diets whilst enjoying their favourite binge foods.

Mediterranean Vegetable. Credit:

The calorie count of takeaway pizzas is well into the thousands, so it's great that we are able to offer an alternative that means people can keep in shape without giving up the food they love.

With each pizza containing less than 400 calories, we believe that this is quite possibly the lowest calorie pizza available in the UK

Damn. We would definitely chow down on one of these bad boys!

And if you're struggling to find healthy food, our foodie expert Eve Simmons put together a handy guide on how to eat healthy food at your local takeaway:

1. Nandos ¼ chicken, supergrains & corn on the cob

One quarter of Nandos' Lemon And Herb chicken is a tasty hunk of protein which helps your bones to grow and increases muscle strength. If you opt for Nandos' new Supergrains' side (a delicious combo of wholegrains, greens and buttermilk dressing) and a side salad/corn on the cob, your meal is nutritionally balanced and only comes out just over 600 calories for your entire dinner.

2. Beef Jerky

Credit: Billy Franks

It might not be your first choice of afternoon snack, but if you happen to be partial to a casual packet of Beef Jerky, you're in luck. The on-the-go meat strips are trimmed of fat, dried and packaged in order to prevent bacteria from developing.

Each nibble is a great source of lean protein, which doesn't raise your insulin level (the hormone that signals to your body to store fat). Providing you opt for a natural brand, containing no preservatives, you may also be receiving the same healthy omega-3 fats which are commonly found in oily fish.

3. Tortilla chicken burrito

Credit: Tortilla

Carbohydrates? Check. Grilled chicken? Check. Vegetables? Check. Extra boost of tasty plant protein courtesy of beans... check. What's more, top with a small spoon of sour cream (which is half the amount of calories of Mayonnaise, FYI) and you're getting an additional hit of calcium and sight-enhancing Vitamin A. The mighty Mexican treat totals at just over 500 calories without cheese - a not too shabby, even for the waist watchers.

4. Chicken Tikka Subway (6 inch)

Credit: Subway

Granted the meat in a chicken Subway sandwich isn't as high in quality as your average chunk of fresh breast from the local Waitrose, but sometimes, Subway -and Subway only - is required to hit the spot. When that time comes, I want you to really, really enjoy it - every lip-smacking, processed meaty minute of it. The Chicken Tikka six-incher weighs in at 310 calories, with just 3 grams of fat and 7 grams of sugar. Go easy on the ranch dressing, forgo the cheese and load it up with an abundant of veggies for a hearty, healthy sandwich.

5. Burger King Tendergrill chicken sandwich and onion rings

Credit: KFC

A meal will cost you the same number of calories in your average shop-bought sandwich. Three words: Grilled. Chicken. Sandwich. The chargrilled thing of beauty totals 380 calories without the added chips or drink. Although, who the hell are you kidding? For the sake of 200 calories (150 for onion rings), don't be a d*ck and just make yours a goddamn meal.

What do you think? Would you be keen to sample some of these delectable delights?

Featured Image Credit: MuscleFood

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