Let's face it, whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashian sisters are in great shape. Kim and Kourtney have lost weight to get back to their pre-baby bodies and Khloé has shaped up to get her perfect 'Revenge Body' (more on that later...)

With their recent body changes and new healthy lifestyles, the girls have become somewhat of a fitness powerhouse; a go-to when it comes to fitness and weight loss tips. But none of them are qualified nutritionists or exercise specialists; granted, they have the help from the professionals but they themselves put out a lot of fitness advice. But how good - or bad - is their advice?

Khloé for one advocates working out in a sauna (or 'sweat') suit. The idea behind these suits is that they make you sweat way more whilst exercising by trapping your body heat. And sweating more means burning more fat, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, they will increase your body temperature, make you perspire more and you will burn more calories during your workout as your body must work harder to regulate its temperature. And yes, you'll burn more calories during the session. But, after intense exercise your body actually burns more calories at rest; and if you're wearing a sauna suit you won't be able to work out as hard, so you'll burn less calories as a result in the hours after.

Another massive issue is the risk of dehydration and overheating, plus the sweat will stay on your skin and the suit won't allow any breathability which won't do your skin any favours. Plus, they're not super cheap, ranging from around £20 - £50.

Khloé has also endorsed detoxing body wraps on her social media... Now, confession time. I've done this. I had a 'slimming and detoxifying' body wrap when I was feeling a bit flabby and needed to get into a fancy dress. So I went to a salon, was slathered in oil, wrapped up really bloody tightly in bandages (I looked like The Mummy, but with blonde hair and y'know, slightly less dead), then covered in tin foil and left under a heated blanket for 40 minutes. I kid you not, I felt ridiculous and it was super uncomfortable. But, it worked... Kind of.

I lost about 1.5 inches from my waist and 1 from my hips - but it didn't last. As soon as I drank a little, ate a meal, then BANG; I was back to my old figure in less than a day. They might be a temporary fix if you need to feel a little more confident in an outfit; there's nothing wrong with that. But to claim that they help you permanently slim down is completely incorrect; you're not losing fat, your body loses water weight and so dehydrates and looks smaller. It simply won't last.

All the sisters swear by waist trainers. There are many claims out there, but the common ones are that they will help you "lose fat and inches from your waist", "metabolise fat and release toxins", "compress your core" and even help you to "reduce food intake". The Kardashian girls post numerous pics of them in their waist-slimming trainers, with Khloé claiming that her band makes her sweat more in the tummy area so she loses more weight there. Uhhh... No. Sorry Khlo, but you cannot spot reduce fat.

It will make you sweat more because you've got an extra layer of warmth there, so we'll have similar effects to the sauna suit. It'll make you look skinnier when you're wearing it because it sucks your wobbly bits in. But using a waist trainer has no permanent effect on fat distribution. The extra sweating will make you lose water weight, which will go back on once you eat or drink. It could compress your internal organs, leading to digestive issues, and will make it harder to breathe in some and so working out will be even more of a struggle.

Another issue is that waist trainers can seriously weaken your core; we usually use these muscles all the time to stand, sit and obviously whilst exercising. But pop a trainer on, and it will work to support your core and so those muscles won't need to work as hard as they normally would.

A few weeks ago we looked into the advice the Kardashians are giving on nutrition too; check that out here. After looking in depth at what they're sharing with their millions of followers it's obvious that it's motivating people to get moving and get healthier, which is obviously awesome. There's really nothing wrong with following the sisters for a bit of fitness inspiration, but just take it with a pinch of salt and be sensible - lots of healthy, wholesome food and regular exercise.

Written by Samantha Neades / Personal Trainer / Cheltenham Women's Fitness

Featured Image Credit: PA

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