There's a list as long as your arm about the things you should and shouldn't do during pregnancy, and every year it seems that new fears and trends keep cropping up.

One that's caused controversy since gym classes were invented is exercising while pregnant, something which confuses and both terrifies and empowers people.

Binky Felstead is the latest pregnant mama to weigh in on the topic publicly, after she received backlash on social media for exercising while carrying her tot.

Comments left by concerned followers warned against not having your "pelvis elevated above head level" as it's "dangerous for baby", as well as being unsure that "someone without proper training on exercise during pregnancy" should give advice to others as "it might not be safe for other mums-to-be".

She appeared on Sky News to talk about the new free online resource Active For 2, which Binky has teamed up with to show other pregnant ladies exactly what they can do whilst pregnant. She also gave her opinion on the topic, explaining the reasons behind her choice.

Credit: Sky News

Judging by her Instagram now, she's attracting plenty of yummy mummies who love to work out. One wrote,

Trained all the way through my recent pregnancy (up till 4 days before planned section as breech) helped my gestational diabetes and I had a teeny 6lb 8 baby girl at 39 weeks xx exercise is so good for mum and baby :)

While another said,

So good to train (carefully) through pregnancy. i did it through both of mine and it was invaluable through (natural pain relief free) birth and recovery. It gives you a physical strength to power through it.good luck x

A third added,

Well done! You look unreal! I wish I'd done more whist pregnant. I did Pilates but I should've done more! Then I might have shifted this last stone by now! (10 months on!)

At the end of the day it's your body and it's your baby, do what's right for you, and seek professional advice if you're unsure.

Jade Moscrop

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