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This Is The Most Awkward End To A First Date People Have Ever Seen

We are cringing watching this clip from First Dates Australia, which could possibly depict the most horrendous date known to the history of woman...

The first of many awkward giggles and silences.


After his Snoopy joke went down like a lead balloon, Nick, a personal trainer, went on to explain how everybody experiences and expresses love differently.

Lovely, but I don't think that was the question really, Nick.

A seemingly deflated Libby tried to bring the conversation back as she explained her definition of love as 'being willing to bet half of your net worth'.

Well Libby, I don't think this guy is going to be for you.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

After an awkward giggle and an even more awkward silence, followed by a little burp from Nick, the bill arrived and Nick suggested to go dutch.


"Do you want to grab your drinks? And I'll grab the... Do you want to do a split" said Nick.

A truly mortified Libby replied: "I'll just pay for what I got."

The waitress didn't seem very impressed about what was happening, calling the situation 'interesting'.

And it wasn't awkward enough, Nick then realises that he'd 'forgotten his wallet' and offered to wash the dishes to pay the bill.

Really, Nick?

Holding her head in her hands in dismay, Libby later said: "I'm used to paying my own way, that's fine. But the whole, 'Oh my god, I've forgotten my wallet, bla bla bla'. I think it might have been a ploy to try to make me pay for him."

Credit: First Dates
Credit: First Dates

In the end, Nick exchanges his swanky new iPhone as collateral for the bill until he could fetch his missing wallet.

The whole situation was painful to watch and it was no wonder that Libby was brought to tears when speaking about the date to the show's producers.

On the other hand, Nick seemed to think the date went well and admitted that he 'really enjoyed engaging' with Libby.

Bad luck, Nick. Now off to the kitchen to wash those dishes. Restaurant bills don't pay for themselves, you know.

Featured Image Credit: Seven Network

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