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3 days ago


Example Buys Fan A Car So He Can Listen To His New Album

Example is a singer, rapper, producer, doting dad, loving hubby and now it seems he's also a really generous gent if he carries out his latest promise.

Because when fan Jordan Niner got in touch to ask whether his new album, Bangers & Ballads, would be available on CD - as he doesn't have an AUX lead or Bluetooth in his 2001 model car - Example promised to buy him a new one.


And by 'a new one' I mean a new car. What an absolute babe!

So, the grand gesture came about after Jordan asked the singer: "Are you bringing this out on CD? Please say yes I need some new bangers from you while I'm driving". Doesn't seem too daft a question.

But Example replied: "Probably not. It's 2018". Bants.

Jordan quickly responded: "And my car is from 2001 and doesn't have an aux".

This is when the surprise came and Example said: "well if this album does well I'll buy you a new car how about that?" *Screengrab* *Screengrab* *Screengrab*


Now people are losing their minds, with many expecting the same kind of extravagant gift. Good try guys.

One fan took to Twitter saying: "Is your new album coming out on cassette?! I only have a bicycle and a cassette player. Would love some banging tunes for my bicycle.... If this has worked, I would like an Audi r8 please, thanks in advance".

Another added: "I only have my legs and a Walkman from 2000. Wonder if he'd buy me one? What a guy".

And a third commented: "My 06 ford escort doesn't have the ability to play your new album can you get my back too? Although has to have room for 3 car seats as the new baby due".

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Now, Example - real name Elliot Gleave - has had to disappoint everyone and wrote on Instagram: "This offer does not apply to everyone. Only @jordanniner_ cos he won the First & Last Example New Secondhand Car Lottery"

Well done to Jordan for winning the 'First & Last Example New Secondhand Car Lottery' - wish we'd have had a bit more warning...

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@example/PA

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