Zoey Deschanel Thought New Girl Ending Could Have Been 'Darker'

If you're a fan of New Girl and you haven't seen the finale episode then you might want to avoid the rest of this article. Switch off, exit, go anywhere but here unless you want to see the ultimate spoiler.

If that hasn't put you off already then you probably already know that things ended on a happy note.

Despite a few bumps in the road, Jess and Nick did eventually get married and Aly and Winston became parents.

As all the characters left the loft to pursue the rest of their lives everyone seems to think it was the perfect ending... except one person who thought it could have gone completely differently.


Star of the show, Zoey Deschanel confessed how she thought script writers could have gone with something a little more dark.

She told Deadline: "I thought there was another version that could've been a little bit more dark - not like dark horrible, but it was always kind of like, 'Do Nick and Jess end up together?'

"I thought there could've been a version where they don't, and it's more bittersweet. But I love this version, too. It's more in the realm of the romantic comedy that I think this show really probably is at its heart."


When asked whether she knew of any alternative endings, she admitted: "That would be a question probably for one of the writers, but as far as I know, this was where it was going."

Now that New Girl has ended, Zoey is taking a bit of time off to focus on growing her sustainable farming business with her husband.


She won't get too much time off though because she'll soon be playing the role of Belle in Beauty and the Best live concert at Hollywood Bowl later in the year which we all know is going to be incredible.

Emma Rosemurgey

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