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YouTube Star Kayla Jenson Accused Leaving Rented Flat With Thousands Of Pounds Of Damage

A well-known vlogger and YouTube star left her rented home with thousands of pounds worth of damage after she left dog mess and make-up smeared everywhere.

Kayla Jenkins, known as Okaylaaa online, rented the property in Prestwich from Paul and Paula Hopwood, who claim that Kayla and her flatmate stacked up arrears of up to £10,000, prompting the couple to seek an eviction order.


The landlords were seen entering the property on Channel 5's Bad Tenants Rogue Landlords, where they discovered Tupperware containers filled with dog faeces, make-up smeared on the furniture and urine stained curtains.

Channel 5Channel 5

In the programme Paula said: "To just walk in and see that it had been completely wrecked was absolutely soul-destroying."

A rep for Kayla told FEMAIL that the landlords claims were false, and that they had staged the dog mess to make her look bad on television, before claiming Kayla's mum had cleaned the property before she moved out.

Instagram/Kayla Jenson
Instagram/Kayla Jenson

The statement went on to say that the 24-year-old has anxiety and depression leading her to be unable to work, meaning her income had dried up and she was unable to pay her rent.


Kayla, who works as a full-time YouTuber and has more than 600,000 followers, also said that although there is £9500 outstanding in rent payments, because there is two tenants, she only owed £4750 and claims she has already paid £1950.

Instagram/Kayla Jenson
Instagram/Kayla Jenson

Paul claims that the last time he visited the property, Kayla had 'five dogs, four cats, two budgies, two guinea pigs and three rabbits' living in the property.

However Kayla's managers dispute the claims, as they say she only had one puppy on the property which her landlords knew about.

During the programme, Paul and Paula were seen trying to enter the property unsuccessfully, when they were met with a note that read: "Still here, do not enter 9th Aug."

Paula said: "It makes my blood boil," while Paul added: "She is in there, she's making money in our house, using it as a film set for her videos and not paying her rent and there's nothing we can do."

Channel 5Channel 5

When they eventually got into the property, the couple said: "The whole house is going to have to be ripped out. All the carpets.

"It's just thousands and thousands of pounds of damage,' the couple said.

"I am totally and utterly appalled at what she has done to our home, I just can't believe it.

"I am not ok, I am appalled. I feel sick. Not just from the smell."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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