Viewers Revolted As Woman Serves Up Raw Chicken On 'MasterChef'

MasterChef had viewers' stomach churning last night after one contestant served up raw chicken.

Whether you're a meat-eater or not, it's no secret that raw chicken basically equals food poisoning.

But contestant Ottilie didn't get the memo as she almost gave judges John Torodo and Gregg Wallace nasty upset stomachs with some dangerously raw chicken.

The marketing manager served the chicken thighs with sweet potato, white bean, rice and chorizo stew and smoked garlic butter, choosing a more rustic presentation.

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

"It doesn't have to look pretty as long as it tastes nice," the amateur cook declared.

But clearly preempting her error, John remarked: "That stew probably needs a lot longer than ten minutes, however the ingredients are right.

"There's chorizo, tomatoes chicken... that works really well together. It could be really delicious."

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

But as they were about to dig in to try her cookery delight, Gregg pointed out the uncooked flesh on the chicken thighs to viewers watching at home, rightly refusing to eat her chicken a la salmonella.

The MasterChef pro said: "The sweet potato in the stew is a new one for me, but I like it because it's broken down and given more sweetness to a sweet stew.

"But as you can clearly see, not only is the chicken skin not cooked but the chicken itself is not cooked."

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

Fellow judge John chose a more direct approach, stating: "I can't eat that."

Ottilie, who dreams of opening her own little deli in the Yorkshire Dales, tried to look on the bright side later on in the episode.

"After that chicken, I think I'm a goner," she declared. "I'm cross that it was such a rookie error but I'm pleased it wasn't a total and utter disaster and they liked some bits."

But the pink chicken was a too bigger mistake for the judges to overlook, as she was booted off the show on Wednesday night.

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

Viewers took to Twitter disgusted over the dish, with one writing: "How disgusting uncooked chicken. That is revolting and dangerous. How can these people possibly be considered professional?"

And another added: "It wasn't a complete disaster"....???? Ya f**kin' chicken was raw."

Well, at least Gregg and John didn't end up eating it!

Featured Image Credit: BBC One/Masterchef

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