Yesterday, after hanging on for weeks, Honey G finally got booted off the X Factor. She was a weird phenomenon, because everyone seemed to hate her but she stayed in for ages. No one would admit they were voting for her to stay, but they must have been... and this keeps happening.

Because, as annoying as she is, she's certainly not the first novelty act we've seen do well on the show, and beyond in some cases. I'm looking at you Rylan Clark-Neal.

So, this seems like a good time to check out what some of our favourite most hated novelty acts are up to now.

Remember Wagner? The only thing I recall about him was that when he appeared on the telly my niece, who was three at the time, would scream until someone turned it over. So I never got to see much of his act, tbh, but I'm aware he was kind of a joke and no one could understand why he was still in it.

Credit: PA

Remember this classic? Go on, treat yourself...

Credit: ITV

So, what is the long-haired singing nightmare up to now? Well, these days, via his Facebook page, you can pay Wagner £8.50 to record a happy birthday message for yourself or a very lucky pal of your choice (or something similar). For £15 he'll even sing it. I can't think of anyone I hate enough to do this to, which is sort of a shame.

He also found himself in a spot of bother when he was requested to sing some pro-IRA lyrics via his personalised singing service. Jesus, Wagner.

Way back in 2005, the UK was alive with the sound of Chico and his catchy/very annoying song 'It's Chico Time' and it was, indeed, Chico's time. He got to enjoy all 15 minutes of it before ending up making guest appearances at Butlin's. When the lucrative holiday camp work dried up he joined a company called Block Fit where he's an instructor of a fitness programme, which claims to fuse 'dance, combat, HIIT, yoga and meditation' and Chico, of course.

No trip down shit-novelty-act-memory-lane would be complete without checking out what Jedward are up to now. Well, sadly for everyone still alive, Jedward continue to make music. They also represented Ireland (TWICE) at the Eurovision song contest with 'hits' 'Lipstick' and 'Waterline'. Oh and they changed their hair, too.

But perhaps the best thing they've done since the X Factor is this performance at T4 on the Beach, where one of them (don't know who is who) broke his leg on stage. Fair play for him to trying to carry on though. Enjoy:

Credit: Channel 4

So, Honey G, this is what you have to look forward to now. Butlin's, tabloid scandal and a go on Eurovision.

H to the O to the N to the E to the Y to the coastal seaside leisure resort.

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