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Viewers Outraged After Mary Berry's Beef Wellington Appeared To Have A Soggy Bottom

Whether you watch The Great British Bake Off or not, you will no doubt be aware of the phrase 'soggy bottom', used to describe 'the base of a pie or tart [which] fails to cook properly, resulting in saturated or undercooked pastry'.

It is the baker's cardinal sin, and has become one of the programme's defining features, achieving a sort of cult status.

But hilarity aside, it is something which baking connoisseurs Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will not tolerate, and can cost you dearly in the big, white tent.


However, it seems that the queen of cakes herself sometimes makes mistakes, a disturbing fact which came to the public's attention on Monday evening.

In her brand new BBC Two programme, Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking, it became evident that some of the 80-year-old's recipes weren't quite so foolproof when her Beef Wellington emerged undercooked, and you know what that means: It had a SOGGY BOTTOM!

As you'd expect, it was all clearly too much for some people to handle:


But there were some on hand to defend the national treasure:



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