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'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps' Is Returning For A One-Off Special

Who didn't love noughties sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps? The show gave a hilariously accurate look at 20-something Brits living in northern England, but it left our screens in 2011.

Well, guess what? It's coming back!

Actor Will Mellor, who played Gaz Wilkinson in the show, took to Instagram to explain the show was coming back after popular demand by fans.


Gold recently started showing reruns of the much-loved sitcom, while the BBC added all 79 episodes to iPlayer.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

In a video, Will, now 43, said: "Alright people, sorry I have not been on for a while, I have been waiting for something to tell you, some news, you know what I mean?

"Recently, since Two Pints came back, it is on at 11 o'clock every night on Gold, they are showing every episode, people have been messaging me about how much they miss the show and how much it was part of their growing up.

"Saying 'please bring it back for a special or do something'.

He added: "Well, I have been listening and reading your messages and I think we are going to get a Two Pints special off the ground.


Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

"I spoke to Susan Nickson (Two Pints creator) and we are hopefully going to try and get a Two Pints special going. Just to say thank you for all the support of people who love the show and got behind it.

"Watch this space, just got to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's and hopefully a Two Pints special will be on the way."

The sitcom, which ran from 26th February 2001 to 24th May 2011 and first aired on BBC2, follows a group of friends living in Runcorn, Liverpool.

Gaz Wilkinson (played by Will Mellor) is dating Donna Henshaw (Natalie Casey), who are friends with couple Jonny Keogh (Ralf Little) and Janet (Sheridan Smith). Louise Brookes (Kathryn Drysdale) and Tim (Luke Gell) also make up their friendship group.

The comeback follows the news that Gavin & Stacey is coming back for a Christmas special this year.

British sitcom fans, we have a lot to look forward to...

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Pretty 52. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.

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