There's no better way to reminisce over your childhood than by watching all the old films and TV programmes that you used to watch as a kid and it just so happens that some of our absolute favourites turn ten this year, including Twilight and Camp Rock, which both came out in 2008. Feel old yet?

In Twilight we saw a young Robert Pattinson, who was just 22 at the time, and an 18-year-old Kristen Stuart play a vampire called Edward Cullen who fell for Bella Swan as soon as he got her scent.

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Of course Twilight was aimed at teenagers and young adults, but apparently the hit adult trilogy Fifty Shades was originally written as fan fiction for the Twilight trilogy according to Business Insider. After reading Twilight, author E L James began writing her own erotic fan fiction on


She told ABC back in 2012: "I just sat on my sofa and just read them and read them[Twilight] and read them.

"I was inspired by Stephenie Meyer ... she just kind of flipped this switch in my head."

So I guess you could say that those of us who grew up watching Twilight can now watch the 'adult' version that is Fifty Shades.

Credit: Disney

As we enter 2018, this also marks ten years since most of us saw the superstar that is Demi Lovato for the first time in Camp Rock. Demi made her film debut at the tender age of just 15, where we saw her character Mitchie Torres star alongside the Jonas Brothers.

Credit: Disney

Anyone else feel super old?

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