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Toy Story Actor Says The Fourth Film Will Be 'Terrifically Emotional'

Toy Story fans were over-joyed when it was announced that a fourth installment was being released in 2019, however Tim Allen, or as we know him - Buzz Lightyear, has warned it's going to be a real tearjerker.

Surely nothing can top the genuine heartache we felt watching Toy Story 3, no?

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar


Well, it seems like Pixar wasn't content in ripping our hearts out just once, as the fourth and final film in the Toy Story journey is set to be really emotional and we're not sure how much more we can handle.

Speaking on The Talk, Tim revealed: "It is so emotional, it's so funny, it's so big, the idea they've come up with, I'm startled.

"I couldn't even get through the last scene. I would love to be a Washington leaker."

When pressed for further details, the actor said: "I just can't do it. I can't give any more away.

"They've got great characters but a couple of scenes toward the end were really hard to get through."

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar


Earlier this month, Tim told Entertainment Weekly: "Somehow they were able to advance this wonderful story that could have easily ended with number three being the best of the bunch.

"It's emotional and funny and exciting and different and took it to a whole new level. It walks the line between comfort - you know what's going on - and discomfort - wondering what's going to happen. It's terrifically emotional."

Okay, so that's twice Tim has mentioned just how emotional the newest film will be. After all, we've been on a huge journey with Andy and his toys.

As well as Tim, Tom Hanks will be pulling his cowboy boots back on to play Woody and Joan Cusack is back as Jessie, with Annie Potts as Bo Peep.

And everyone's friend, Randy Newman, is back to soundtrack the movie.

Plot details are pretty scarce at the minute, but rumours suggest that this movie will focus on the relationship between Bo Peep and Woody. Cute. And it all makes sense, given that Andy would be a grown man, probably with his own family, by now.

Toy Story 4 is set to hit cinemas 21st June 2019, but don't forget your tissues, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Disney Pixar/PA Images

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