Netflix's 13 Reasons Why has certainly gripped people and provoked an important and timely discussion about mental health and the way it is portrayed in the media, that's for sure.

Safe to say, everyone is hoping for more from the series and the series' producer, Selena Gomez has already confirmed that a second series could be on the cards.

There's definitely plenty of different plots that could be picked up if fans are to be believed. Some have speculated that Tyler could perpetrate a school shooting to get back at his tormenters, while others have speculated that the timeline could split and show us what would have happened if Hannah didn't die at all.

Credit: Netflix

But another fan theory has turned everything on its head and, if correct, it seems the show could be setting up a very different tone for Season 2, perhaps seeing all our favourite characters getting hunted by a maniac with a gun hell-bent on revenge.

The theory relates to the last episode of the series where Alex was implied to have shot himself in the head in penance for his guilt at Hannah's suicide after his father told him that he was basically off the hook for his part in it. Or at least, that's what we all thought.

A fan account on Twitter suggested a very different theory about how Alex might have ended up getting shot:

Credit: Twitter

Before now, we'd always assumed that Tyler was taking down Alex's picture because the latter had defended him against the bullies, but let's be real, Alex had definitely been one of those bullies for about a year before that. Could Alex really change Tyler's entire of opinion of him with just one simple action?

The theory basically argues that the show wouldn't have shown us Tyler and his gun collection that if wasn't relevant to the plot, and the two gun-related plots are very close together in their time-frame. Plus, doesn't Tyler look unusually jittery in his deposition?

That being said, we're not fully convinced. The second series would be more like one of the Scream films than the show we came to love if it depicted Tyler hunting everyone down and murdering them one by one.

Plus, we read another compelling theory recently that it was Justin who shot himself, not Alex.

What do you think? Do you like the theory or is it a load of old tosh?

Jack Rear

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