If you couldn't get enough of Making A Murderer and you loved the Amanda Knox documentary then you'll be very excited to hear that Netflix is bringing out a new true crime documentary series and it sounds absolutely fascinating.

The Keepers will document the mysterious disappearance of Sister Catherine 'Cathy' Cesnik in 1969 and her subsequent murder. The nun was an English and Drama teacher at a local school in Baltimore, Maryland before being found murdered on the outskirts of the town.

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Cathy Cesnik told her roommate that she was going shopping for an engagement present for her cousin, but she never returned home. Two months later, a pair of hunters found her decomposing body at a local dump.

In the 1990s, former students at the school where Cathy taught came forward about their experiences at the school, all realising they'd been sexually abused by the school's chaplain, Father Joseph Maskell. It was alleged that he basically formed a sexual abuse ring at the school and prostituted the girls out to members of the local church and police force. The other teachers ignored the girls' complaints, all except for Cathy; some have speculated that this was the reason she got murdered.

The case is still ongoing, but some are claiming that the Baltimore police force are covering up their involvement in the murder.

It's a fascinating case and if you want to get a bit more background on it all, we heartily recommend this brilliant piece from Huffington Post which runs through the whole story.


The new Netflix series is said to highlight all the people whose lives were touched by Cathy and will go into all the secrets and lies around the school. So far, those are all the details we know, but a new trailer will be dropping on Wednesday along with an interview with the guy behind the documentary, Ryan White.

The series launches on 19th May exclusively on Netflix.

What do you think? Will you be giving this one a watch?

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