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This Morning Viewers Furious After Mum-Of-Four Admits She Has A 'Favourite Child'

In families, there's always one sibling that tends to get away with a lot more than another.

Maybe your little sister got the wooden play house you always begged your parents for, or she never got grounded for the same thing you did years earlier but were in so much trouble about.


But generally, the unspoken rule is that a parent never ADMITS they have a favourite child, even though it can sometimes be obvious when they give them an extra helping of chicken nuggets at dinner.

Well, not this woman. Alisha Tierney-March appeared on the show explaining how she prefers her third child Kennedy because the bond with her is much 'greater'.

Speaking to Holly and Phillip, Alisha said: "When Kennedy came along, the other two were in school so I got those whole six hours together, I breastfed her which I hadn't been able to do like my other children."

Her claim completely stunned Holly, who questioned the mum-of-four on whether or not her attitude towards her children would be detrimental to them in the future.

The presenter said: "I know we're giggling because it's sort of shocking, but actually that going in your head as a child and living with that inside and that growing and becoming bigger.


"Do you not worry about the impact that's going to have on them?"

Alisha then retorts back: "I think I would. But we did sit down as a family before I agreed to do this and I said, 'what do you think?' And they were like, 'Yes you do spend more time with Kennedy, we think she's your favourite but we know you love us just as much.'"

Her views angered many people who were watching the ITV show at home, with many wondering what had 'possessed' the woman to go on live television and declare that she had a favourite child.

Another commented: "Oh my goodness.. you can't have a favourite child you evil woman."

A third wrote: "How the hell can a mother have a favourite child? absolutely disgraceful."

"Not only has she a favourite child, she admitted that she was devastated that her fourth child was a boy!!"

Would you ever admit if you had a favourite?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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