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'This Is Us' Inspires Hundreds Of Fans To Share Their Own Premature Baby Stories

Warning - this article contains *major* spoilers for This Is Us season three.

This Is Us fans were moved to tears during the latest episode as the Pearson family rushed to the hospital after Kate's waters broke unexpectedly, and she gave birth to her baby prematurely.


Doctors fought hard to save Kate and Toby's baby by stopping her going into labour at 28 weeks so it had more time to develop.

However, Kate needed an emergency c-section, and gave birth to a son late in the episode. "I want to name him Jack," Kate told Toby as they gathered around the hospital incubator to admire their tiny premature baby.

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

The emotional scenes tugged on viewers' heart strings, inspiring scores of fans to share their own personal preemie baby stories on Twitter in light of the latest This Is Us episode.

Parents posted photos of their own premature babies, alongside the children all grown-up years later, healthy and happy.

"@NBCThisIsUs 30 years ago our preemie was born. You captured the reality 100%. We had a blue jays batters helmet to help her home - you had the RBG doll. My hubby wheeled me in for first visit - you brought back how he felt," penned one on Twitter.


And it wasn't just those who'd given birth to preemie babies sharing their stories either, as hundreds of people who were also born early took to Twitter to give their own experience.

One person shared: "I was 25 weeks early, born on 12/31/01. I survived in the incubator for 4 months. I'm now 17 and super healthy and living life in the best way possible.

"Last night episode with Kate's baby was super important and I hope Baby Jack turns out like me."

This Is Us producers have previously explained that the rest of season three will focus heavily on life for Kate and Toby now that they are parents to a preemie.

"We will be spending a good portion of the rest of our season dealing with these story lines for Kate and Toby," executive producer Isaac Aptaker. told Entertainment Weekly. "Just like in real life, if this happened it would be all-consuming, so it is the same way for our characters on the show."

One thing's for certain, the series is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

Season three will air in the UK in summer 2019.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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