The internet is awash with fan theories, and we have just stumbled across another one relating to Joey Tribbiani from Friends.

It was brought to our attention by Digital Spy and we're not going to lie, it's not exactly straightforward.

Actor Brent Spiner plays the role of James Campbell, the man who interviews Rachel for a job at Gucci back in 2004.

He also plays himself in Friends spin-off, Joey.

Credit: Warner Bros Television

Digital Spy then go on to say that because Brent appears as himself in Joey, unlike his time on Friends in which he plays a character, and because both sitcoms exist in the same universe, that suggests that Brent was playing a character on Friends in the realms of the Friends universe.

And if you can think along those lines, you could then argue that Joey Tribbiani on Friends was merely a role being played by a real actor called Joey out of character in Joey.

Confused? We are too.

It's not exactly the easiest theory to get your head around, which means poor old Joey definitely wouldn't understand it either.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Television

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