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'The World's Strictest Parents' Clip Gets Fans Reminiscing On Twitter

A hilarious clip taken from The World's Strictest Parents got viewers reminiscing about the show on Twitter.

For those who aren't familiar, each episode saw two unruly teenagers sent to live with a strict host family for a week to curb their bad behaviour, working on a list of issues they need to resolve from their real parents.


And during the above instalment, Nicole Benham and Nathan Ballance travelled to Barbados to live with the Harris family.

As the synopsis explains further: "Dad Kenrick is an IT consultant and mum Andrea is a primary school teacher. They raise their two daughters in the spirit of God's love and God's discipline."

However on the first night, Nathan ended up rowing with the family over cigarettes, after they implemented rules which included no smoking, no drinking, no swearing, and respect for parents.

The teen furiously attempts to reason his side of the argument by bringing up Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech (apparently smoking was his human right), and Twitter users still can't get over the scenes today.


The show provided viewers with many hours of entertainment, as the kids retaliated against their new parents.

It seems like smoking was a BIG issue, as these teens also argued over having cigarettes...

And what about that time that these unruly teenagers turned up to breakfast still drunk from the night before?

The kids often refused to back down and accept the new ground rules, resulting in them often storming out the house, just like this moment...

The World's Strictest Parents ended in 2011 here in the UK but a number of other countries rolled out their own version, and the kids were just as naughty. Petition to bring back the show?!

Featured Image Credit: BBC Three

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