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The Trailer For The Last Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' Ever Just Dropped

It's time. After eight seasons, 70 episodes, ten years of filming, and millions of viewers all around the globe, Game Of Thrones is officially about to show its final episode.

Years of blood-soaked war, treachery, and countless deaths have boiled down to this: who will take the Iron Throne?


The penultimate episode ruled out a few major players for one. In episode five, we saw Queen Daenerys Targaryen show her wrath by obliterating all of King's Landing and its innocent inhabitants despite them ringing the bells for peace.

In the fallout, we saw The Hound fall to his flamy death after stabbing Sir Gregor in the eye, Arya on the receiving end of Dany's destruction, and most importantly, Queen Cersei, Dany's main threat the the Throne, crushed under rubble alongside Jamie Lannister.

While the options for who will rule the Seven Kingdom's have been dramatically slashed, it's still all to play for in the final episode (let's not forget Jon Snow has a claim to the Throne) - and now we have the final trailer.

This one is far shorter than the teaser trailers we've seen before, only giving around 17 seconds of footage from the episode. Clearly the producers are not wanting to give ANYTHING away.


The trailer starts with Tyrion walking through the demolished streets of King's Landing, the result of Deanery's fury, with a bloodied and beaten Arya doing the same.

Next, we see the Dany's army, still in their thousands, before there appears to be some sort of victory celebration with the Dothraki cheering.

Finally we see Dany, walking out to look at her armies, buildings still smoking in the background and thousands dead.

And that's about it. We told you they weren't giving much away.

While we can't glean much from 17 seconds, we've got a sneaky feeling Dany's taking of the Iron Throne isn't going to go as smoothly as she'd hoped. That would be too easy. Plus we know that Dany is losing fans at a fast rate: Jon Snow isn't happy with her decision to burn the city, Tyrion is likely pissed she went against his advice to spare the thousands of innocents, and Arya, we Arya just hates her full stop.

Eeeek. Can it be Sunday now please?

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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