After seven years of secrets, lies, A's, Uber A's and A.D's, the final series of Pretty Little Liars is due to air this spring and to be honest, we are relieved. Trying to keep up with the complex plot lines, who's A and who's bad/good is all getting a bit exhausting. WE NEED ANSWERS!

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Thankfully, it looks like our prayers will soon be answered. In a recent press tour, the stars of PLL and executives working on the final season spilled the beans on the finale and they didn't disappoint!

Our quesitons will finally be answered

Those hoping that the series' loose ends will be tied up are in luck. Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily promises that'll we'll get:

Every single answer you've ever wanted by the finale, except for one. I'm so excited for the end, because they'll all get their answers ... except for how the moms got out of the basement. You're never gonna know!

We better Shay, because if I don't find out who A actually is, I will probably smash my TV, and I really can't afford a replacement.

Executive Joseph Dougherty mirrors Shay's words, explaining that season seven is a way of "giving something back to the fans who have been so loyal." I think loyal is an understatement. Seven freaking years and we still have no clue what the heck is happening! Moving on...

True love will prevail

Of course, the majority of PLL fans (us included) are to eager to learn the fate of our beloved couples. Will Aria and Ezra still get married now Nicole is back on the scene? What about Haleb? Will they finally realise that they are perfect for each other and walk off into the sunset together? Executive Producer, Marlene King, teased:

I think the couples who are meant to be together will find their way back together.

Very intriguing indeed! She is totally talking about Hanna and Caleb (or at least we can dream). On that note, can we please get rid of Toby's snore fest of a missus Yvonne? Seriously, she is the most unnecessary character ever. Spencer is the girl for you, Toby! That is, if you're still alive after the mid-season cliff hanger...

There will be another time jump (sigh)

Speaking of cliff hangers, those expecting the return of season seven to carry right on from the action will be disapointed. There is set to be another one year time jump. We swear, the liars are going to be middle-aged before this series ends!

Allison will be redeemed

One liar we still can't make up our minds about is Queen B herself, Allison. Is she a misunderstood, confused soul, or just a raging b*tch? The jury is still out.

Oliver Goldstick explains:

We humanize Alison and learn why she is the way she is ... You have to take the good with the bad, that's just how it goes.

Does this mean we will finally learn what happpend to her during the year of her 'dissaperance'? The suspense!

This may not be the end of Pretty Little Liars

Give us strength, please! A series showrunner revealed:

We'll find a way to bring these characters and this world back together at some point in time. We will bring back this cast and girls together at some point ... maybe not in two years but soon.

As much as we've loved this crazy seven year ride, Marlene, please take this one 'to the grave' and give us a rewarding end to the series!

George Linley

George is a social media executive and writer at Pretty52. In his free time, George can be seen scaring people at the gym with his hideous Lycra attire, or trying to convince people that gin is good for you.

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