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People Aren't Happy With The Lack Of 'I've Got A Text' On This Year's 'Love Island'

Love Island has spawned a thousand catchphrases, but perhaps the best (and probably most fun to say) is "I'VE GOT A TEXT!!!"

The phrase was born out of the format device where the Islanders get texts which reveal upcoming challenges, twists and generally just majorly triggering information. Basically, you know sh*t is about to go down when someone screams: "I've got a text."

Which is why people are pretty fuming this year's Islanders aren't shouting the catchphrase at any given opportunity.


C'mon, it's practically obligatory!

Instead, contestants seem to be brushing over the important saying altogether and simply reading out said text straight off the bat. What are they playing at?

Samira Mighty from last year's show was one of the first to point it, tweeting: "Wait. Why is no one saying "got a text" ... this ain't right ."

One of her fans agreed, saying: "It's actually annoying me lmao."


Another argued it was down to another catchphrase from this year that's being used instead: "Because everyone is too busy saying 'it is what it is'."

Another joined in their frustration at "I've got a text" being absent from the fifth series.

"Why do none of the islanders this year shout I'VE GOT A TEXT' anymore just not as exciting it," one viewer vented.

"So you're telling me I've had my appendix out, it's been confirmed Cardi B has cancelled park life and now NOW they don't shout IVE GOT A TEXT on Love Island. Right ok if that's how your doing me that's cool, whatever," another quipped.

One viewer, who was really, really annoyed about it, called for a villa-wide dumping until contestants are forced to say the catchphrase.

They said: "Dump every single person in that villa and get a new lot in because NONE of them are shouting "I'VE GOT A TEXT" you had one job [sic]."

Extreme but we like it.

Love Island producers, we think it's about time you had a little word in the ear of your Islanders. If not for the sake of the show, for the sake of tradition.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Pretty 52. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.

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