Imagine getting up in the morning and going in to work knowing that you'd be spending the day side-by-side with international heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. We bet plenty of folks out there would love for that to be the case, but for a little while that was the reality for Alexandrea Owens who played Cora, the little girl in Titanic when she was younger.

These days, Alexandrea is in her mid-twenties and lives in LA doing whole LA thing. On Instagram she describes herself as a 'actress. writer. improviser. human in training.'

She was discovered by Buzzfeed a few years ago where she talked about some of the sweet antics that she and Leo got up to on the set together, revealing that he used to order her peanut butter and jam sandwiches between scenes and that he was really funny behind the camera too:

We filmed a scene where I was supposed to be enjoying the third-class party, and Leo was dancing around behind the camera trying to make me laugh...
... Leo was an awesome dancer! He had to be to make my dancing look better. Plus, dancing with Leo is such a great experience that it all becomes a blur of cool.


But in a more recent interview with, Alexandrea opened up a little more about life on set with Leo, and it all sounds super cute!

My very first scene that we filmed was one where I'm sitting with Leonardo DiCaprio, and we were drawing in his sketchbook. And he sees Rose and then [the actor] playing my dad comes up and says, "All right, say goodbye to Uncle Jack," so he could go off with her. It got cut - it's in the deleted scenes - but it was three hours [of takes] and, in between, just hanging out and drawing pictures with Leo...
... If I remember correctly, we were drawing the world, and we were drawing the rain, which was God crying. I have this really weird memory of that.

Unfortunately, none of those sketches are in Alexandrea's possession any more. It seems that they were all locked up in a safe and then someone broke in and stole them! Heartbreak!

But apparently there's a lot of Jack Dawson in Leo:

He totally was. There was so much of Jack in Leo, definitely. He was very sweet; he was very goofy, absolutely adorable. He always had a smile on his face, it was great.


In fact, Alexandrea loved him so much that she once invited him to go Trick-Or-Treating with her, though, unfortunately, Leo didn't ever take her up on the offer:

He said something like, "That's so sweet, I'll talk to my manager and see if I can make that happen." It didn't.
Sadly, Alexandrea doesn't keep in contact with Leo all that much, but she's still holding out hope that one day he might show up on her doorstep to take her trick-or-treating like he said he would all those years ago!


Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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