Since its release in 2003 (seriously, how has it been that long?!), Love Actually has been giving us all ridiculously high expectations for romance, while making our cold, broken hearts feel all warm inside.

If like me, you religiously watch Love Actually every Christmas to help you forget the fact that you are woefully single, then you're also probably dying to know what happened to the characters after the ending to the film. Did the Prime Minster and Martine McCutcheon live happily ever after? Did Sam ever see his first love again? Most importantly, will Juliet realise that Mark is probably the sweetest guy ever?

Thankfully, we don't need to wonder any more! Earlier this week, we were overcome with 2003 nostalgia when it was announced that the cast of Love Actually would be returning for a sequel, in the form of a Red Nose Day special. To fuel our excitement even further, most of the original cast are coming back, with the exception of the late Alan Rickman, and his on-screen wife, Emma Thompson, who is yet to sign to the project.

To quench our appetite until its premiere on the 24th March, the first pictures from filming have been released, giving us all the feels. The stills released so far feature a grown up Sam with Daniel. What a difference 14 years makes!

Will you be watching the special, or do you think they should have left the original film alone? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

George Linley

George is a social media executive and writer at Pretty52. In his free time, George can be seen scaring people at the gym with his hideous Lycra attire, or trying to convince people that gin is good for you.

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