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An Unearthed 'Friends' Script Has Revealed Ross Could've Gone To Paris With Rachel

It's officially 15 years since Friends first aired on our screens, and we'd be lying if we don't still blubber like a baby every time we see Rachel getting off the plane and reuniting with her lobster.

For 10 series, Ross and Rachel's on-off love affair played a major role in the iconic sitcom, and despite the whole "on a break" debacle, we always secretly hoped they'd find their way back to each other.


The two-part last episode saw Rachel too emotional to give Ross (aka her baby daddy and long time lover) a goodbye talk before she jetted off to Paris to pursue her dream job.

But while all was well in the end when Rachel gets off the plane to declare her love for Ross, there was actually an alternative ending that would've changed the series forever.

An alternative script has been unearthed, in which Ross decides to relocate to the French capital to be with his first true love.

Jackson Upperco revealed the shock ending on his blog 'That's Entertainment' after he discovered the script titled "The one Where Jetlag Wins." Friends fanatics will probably be wondering why that episode doesn't sound familiar - and it's because it was re-written to become "The One Where Estelle Dies".

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.


In the former episode, rather than Ross going above and beyond to try and get Rachel a promotion at her Ralph Lauren job in New York, he makes the decision to support Rachel's move by agreeing to join her and their daughter Emma in Paris.

The episode begins with Ross and Rachel in Paris as Ross says "We're practically Parisians. We're not Ross and Rachel, we're 'Ross et Rachel," in a terrible French accent for good measure.

They attempt to sleep through the night in a bid to get used to French time and beat jetlag, but this proves too difficult when they find themselves starving at 1am.

After several failed attempts to order room service in broken French, they decide the only other possibility is to break into the hotel kitchen and steal food.

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

As the pair sit enjoying their snack, Rachel reveals that she doesn't think she could move to Paris alone, only for Ross to say "I'll take a sabbatical for a year. They just gave me tenure. I can do whatever I want."

Sounds like the perfect ending to the love story? Well, unfortunately not because it turns out Ross couldn't move because he hadn't fully grasped the meaning of tenure and university denied him the chance to take a year out.

And that's how Rachel would end up leaving *that* answerphone message to Ross, revealing she got off the plane.

We're not sure our hearts could've taken it.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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