Breaking Bad may have finished four years ago, but its influence is still readily apparent. Across five seasons, the show toyed with our emotions as we went from loving Walter White, to hating Walter White, then weirdly feeling sorry for him despite him being evil.

Plenty of seemingly-unrelated shows have since paid homage to the show - recently it was revealed that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are set in the same universe, after the song 'Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg' was spotted in an episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

And now Adult Swim's animated sci-fi sitcom Rick and Morty has paid tribute to Vince Gilligan's creation, ShortList reports.


Latest episode 'Pickle Rick', which sees Rick turn himself into a pickle, was inspired by the ninth episode of season two of BB, '4 Days Out'...

Credit: Rick And Morty/Adult Swim


In the BB ep, Walt and Jesse find themselves stuck in the desert after the latter leaves the keys in the ignition of their camper van and it dies.

After days in the sweltering heat, with Jesse pouring away all their water to put out a fire, their situation seems impossible until Walt's mind kicks into gear.

Credit: Rick and Morty/Adult Swim

"It's more than a bottle episode, it's specifically a bottle episode of Breaking Bad where we get to see Walter White up against primal forces, instead of watching him negotiate and bluff with street dealers and kingpins and using his access to cool chemicals and any equipment he wants to make any bombs and crystal meth and stuff," Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon told Fast Company.

"I thought it was cool, the idea that Rick has all these gadgets all the time, he has these guns and vehicles and robots.

"He can make anything with his human hands that he wants because he's always near a big toolbox.

"How smart is Rick, though? Is he so smart that with his mouth alone he could gain an advantage over biological killing machines in an environment that wasn't built to sustain him?"


Makes sense, doesn't it? Although, rewatching BB, I can't help but feel the same disappointment as Jesse when he finds out Walt is making a battery, and not an actual robot.

Rachel Andrews

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