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Piers Morgan Slams Britain's Got Talent Over 'Double Standards'

Piers Morgan has accused ITV's Britain Got Talent of 'double standards' in a scathing tweet about feminism.

The Good Morning Britain presenter complained after 50 half-naked men took to the stage to dance seductively during the family show.


He hit out: "So let me get this straight: F1 Grid Girls banned... Darts Walk-On Girls banned... Boxing Ring Girls banned....

"But 50 male strippers on BGTfinal2018 - happy days, ladies!"


The strippers appeared to give a sneak preview of Magic Mike, which is coming to UK theatres in November.

Fans were shocked when Channing Tatum himself came on stage to surprise viewers, however some people have now hit out at the show, due to its 'double standards'.

One viewer raged: "I have no problem looking at a 6 pack, but would you have shown 12 women strippers taking their clothes off on stage in the final? I very much doubt it. #DoubleStandards."


"Absolutely disgraceful the double standards in the world, podium girls are completely unacceptable, but a dozen half naked men dry humping the stage on @BGT while every female in the crowd screams is totally acceptable, would love to see the reaction if it was the other way #bgt," fumed another.

A third added: "Let's see how many complaints @ITV get from #magicmike on #bgt imagine if that was bunch if ladies instead of guys...complaints galore... double standards/hypocrites".

Featured Image Credit: ITV/BGT

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Emma Rosemurgey

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