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Piers Morgan Calls David Beckham 'Weird' For Kissing Controversy Then Smooches Peter Andre

Piers Morgan called David Beckham 'weird' for sharing a picture of him kissing his daughter Harper on the lips while on a day out.

The 53-year-old presenter was involved in a fiery debate with Peter Andre over whether parents should kiss their children on the lips.

Father-of-four Peter argued that the gesture was simply a 'show of affection' but Piers strongly disagreed and said 'it weirded him out'.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain Piers said: "If the kid's seven you don't kiss them on the lips. My sons got a firm handshake or the 50 Cent shoulder thing, or a full manly hug.

"I think it's weird."

However, Peter disagreed with Piers and said that he was taking the innocence out of everything. He said: "I agree with some of the points your opening yourself. You are taking the innocence out of everything, we are too PC.

"'I don't kiss them on the lips now but when they were younger yes. I can see it on both sides."


Piers decided to prove his point by taking Peter by surprise and giving him a kiss.

Whist pulling away Piers said: "That felt worryingly good" and Peter added that the presenter had 'soft lips'.

Piers tried to prove his point by kissing Peter Andre. (Credit: ITV/GMB)
Piers tried to prove his point by kissing Peter Andre. (Credit: ITV/GMB)

Piers also criticised David for sharing the picture of Harper in the first place. He said: "They want their kids to be famous and then they complain about their privacy."

Co-host Susanna Reid added: "I just have an issue with posting it. If you post it then you're up for the scrutiny."

David's picture of him and Harper caused a lot of controversy online and a lot of social media users were against parents kissing their children on the lips.

"I don't care what anyone says if a dad kisses a child on the lips it's completely wrong smd," one follower commented.

Piers branded David Beckham 'weird' for kissing his daughter on the lips. (Credit: ITV/GMB)
Piers branded David Beckham 'weird' for kissing his daughter on the lips. (Credit: ITV/GMB)

However, the majority of David's followers defended, insisting people were 'ruining something so innocent' with their comments.

One person responded: "I find it so pathetic how people don't even think about it when they see a women kissing her son on the lips but yet a man kissing his daughter has caused commotion. I think it's beautiful."

However, it isn't the first time that David has faced criticism for his decision to kiss his daughter on the lips as he previously shared a picture of him and Harper kissing in June 2017.

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David has previously said: "I kiss all my kids on the lips.

"Brooklyn maybe not. Brooklyn is 18, so he might find that a little strange, but I'm very affectionate with the kids. It's how I was brought up - and Victoria - and it's how we are with our children.

"We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them and support them."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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