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Phillip Schofield Interviewed A Ghost On This Morning And Twitter Couldn't Cope

This Morning has seen its fair share of unusual guests, but today's Halloween special was arguably one of the oddest yet.

Phillip Schofield and new host Rochelle Humes were joined on the ITV chat show's sofa by Amethyst Realm and her fiancé Ray - who's actually a ghost.

And being the great daytime presenter that he is, Phil grabbed the opportunity to interview a ghost by the horns and fired a few questions his way.


Phillip asked Amethyst her husband-to-be's name, and she explained: "My good friend actually came up with a name for him, I've got a rare photo in which he reveals himself next to me as a ray of light. So we came up with the name Ray."

The This Morning host replied: "Well, Ray it's a pleasure to meet you. Obviously we couldn't do a research chat with Ray, not able to ask him any... can I ask him a question?"

Amethyst agreed, with Phillip inquisitively asking: "What was it about Amethyst that made you fall in love, Ray?"

Giving her ghost fiancé's answer, the spiritual counsellor responded: "He just said our connection, as soon as we met, we kind of just felt a connection there - it was really strong."

Rochelle pointed out that Amethyst hasn't got an engagement ring yet, but she explained Ray is 'really picky' when it comes to choosing jewellery.


While everyone in the studio was able to keep a straight face, fans of the show couldn't believe what they were (or weren't) seeing.

"I try to keep myself open minded and absolutely everyone to their own but is this lady who's engaged to ghost joking?" exclaimed one person on Twitter.

And somebody else declared: "I'm howling. No way did the camera pan onto the empty space next to her on the sofa."

"The best bit so far is the cameraman filming a empty spot where the apparent ghost was sat," joked a third viewer.

While most of us would hope we'd know almost everything about someone we're about to marry, Amethyst revealed she knows very little about Ray.

"I don't know much about his past, it feels like he's very ancient, very wise, been around for a long time," she explained.

The husband and wife-to-be actually met in Australia as Ray likes to travel, which is apparently rare for spirits.

This Morning continues on ITV at 10.30am on weekdays.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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