The Trailer For Stephen King's Scariest Novel Pet Sematary Will Curdle Your Blood

The first trailer for the reboot of Pet Sematary has been released, and it is definitely going to have you hiding behind your sofa.

The film is an adaptation of a Stephen King's novel, which basically confirms it's going to be completely terrifying.

In the introduction to the 1983 novel, King admitted that he believes it is the scariest novel he has written, and that when he had finished it he had to hide it away and thought it would never be published because he had gone too far.

Pet Sematary follows Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) - a doctor who moves his family from the city to the countryside.

The family move into an isolated house with a 'whole wood for a back garden', Louis and his wife, Rachel (Amy Seimetz) bury their son in a pet cemetery after he is killed in a road traffic accident.

However, they soon discover their son has been resurrected in demonic form.

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Their daughter Ellie (Jeté Laurence) is drawn to the weird, circular array of pet graves behind her house.

At the beginning of the trailer we see a group of children in animal masks while Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) telling us how kids used to be scared of the woods.

He says: "Kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night. They knew the power of that place. They feared it."

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

The children are marching towards the place where they leave their pets to rest, but a darker burial ground is revealed behind a barricade of branches.

It's a place that brings the dead back to life. But as the wise old man ominously notes, "Sometimes dead is better."

Pet Sematary is directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer and will be arriving in cinemas on the 19th April 2019.

If you're looking for a fright a bit sooner you could visit this haunted house in San Diego, California, no visitor yet has lasted more than six hours inside.

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

McKamey Manor has been described as a real-life horror movie, and the entire thing is caught on camera, so spectators can watch the visitors as they have the living daylights scared out of them.

Horror-seekers travel between four locations, and the whole experience can last anywhere between four and eight hours, although no one has made it to the latter time just yet.

The house can only take two visitors at a time, and applicants must be background checked by its founder, Russ McKamey.

Participants must be over 21, not have any existing medical conditions, and each guest has to sign a waiver before going ahead with the haunt.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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