'Peaky Blinders' Creator Steven Knight Is Ready To Write Season Six

While Peaky Blinders fans eagerly wait for season five to land on our screens, the show's creator Steven Knight has revealed he's ready to get started on season six.

That's fairly impressive, and highly organised, considering filming for season five has only just ended, with it being set to air later this year.

Despite being busy with other projects like Taboo, World War Z 2 and Rio, Knight confirmed he's been busy planning the affairs of the Shelby Company Ltd in an interview with Slate, explaining:"I'm about to start writing season six now and if all the wheels fall off, or it goes horribly wrong, there's probably people that will say something [about his writing process].

Season 5 finished filming earlier this month. Credit: BBC
Season 5 finished filming earlier this month. Credit: BBC

"But at this moment, it has its own logic and momentum. Right now, it feels as if the characters are just writing themselves."

Knight went on to talk about just how important the programme is to him, saying: "Peaky is a very personal thing for me because it's based on stories that I was told as a kid by my parents.

Tommy Shelby. Credit: BBC
Tommy Shelby. Credit: BBC

"At the very beginning, I tried to have other writers involved but it just didn't work. There's no writers' room, or any other writer involved. I write everything from beginning to end. Maybe it's just me not being able to let go of something, especially with Peaky. I can't let it go."

There has recently been a lot of speculation over how much further Peaky Blinders will go, but Knight has previously said it'll run until World War Two breaks out. However, it will also depend on the schedules of the cast, who are in pretty high demand right now.

CIllian Murphy will be back for more seasons if needs be. Credit: BBC
CIllian Murphy will be back for more seasons if needs be. Credit: BBC

Knight added: I've always had a pretty clear road map of how this works between World War One and World War Two, and it's flexible in that you can get to the destination quicker or slower.

"So in my mind it's probable that we'll get there at the end of series five, it may be series six."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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