Tonight's episode of Love Island is set to be one that we're talking about all weekend. Chris and Liv have broken up, Muggy Mike is back - it's all kicking off. So why not throw in a recoupling?!

God bless those TV producers. They are incredible.


Anyway, it starts with Mike and Liv chatting by the pool. Mike asks: "So have you spoken to Chris today?" to which Liv replies that she hasn't. He then asks whether or not it's 'done'. Liv can't seem to wait to let him know that it's over and she's "really happy" to be single. SMH.

She then starts laying it on really thick, saying: "I've seen a totally different light to you from the last time you were here." Then asking: "Apart from what happened last time, like... do you still feel like there could be something there?"

Urgh. Really?!

Credit: Love Island/ITV2

Mike replies: "It depends how you are with me?"

She then says: "I'll give you something to work with. Noted."

Liv can't wipe the smile off her face while us viewers are left wondering whether this is a part of Mike's revenge plan or whether or not he's actually interested in coupling up with Liv.

Anyway, Chris and Liv then go for a chat after Montana warns him that she's heard that Liv's going to pick Mike in tonight's recoupling. We're then treated to not only Chris being the best lad ever, but also a sneak peek at tonight's drama where Liv says that she "doesn't know how this is going to play out" but she "has to go with her gut".

Credit: Love Island/ITV2

Honestly, I can't handle this drama.

Neither can the public from the looks of it, with comments flooding in...

"If she picks Mike she's a mug, I don't care, and doesn't deserve Chris. He's amazing guy and she would be lucky to have a guy like him not many of them around no more!"

"While another added: Chris is wayyyyy to good for her he could do so much better she thinks she got it all strip her down and she's nothing.. her personally stinks!!!!!!"

Well, we'll see what happens tonight...

Love Island is on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.

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