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Nobody Can Believe What Holly Willoughby Just Said About Sloths On 'This Morning'

Holly Willoughby was left red-faced on This Morning after admitting that she thought sloths exploded if they were turned on their front.

It doesn't take much for Phillip Schofield to burst into fits of laughter and Holly definitely gave him a reason to this morning.


After completing a segment about a retirement home for sloths, Holly and Phil were left in fits of giggles after remembering a conversation the pair had off air.

Speaking on the show, Holly said: "I thought, I'm sure I've been told and we were frantically Googling it and apparently I'm wrong.

Phil and Holly were in fits of laughter. (Credit: ITV/This Morning)
Phil and Holly were in fits of laughter. (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

"If you turn a sloth up the right way it will explode. I've definitely heard that somewhere but I don't know if it's true, but now I'm saying it out loud I'm questioning it.

"I've got a feeling there's some truth in it somewhere. Apparently they don't fart either. News just in."

Phil questioned his co-host and said: "Who told you that? Did you get that in Australia?"


Holly believes sloths will explode if they're turned the other way. (Credit: PA)
Holly believes sloths will explode if they're turned the other way. (Credit: PA)

Viewers found Holly's comment equally as funny. One fan said: "Careful of the exploding sloths."

Another added: "The big sloth debate certainly puts Brexit into perspective," while a third wrote: "No holly, sloth don't explode if they turn on their front!"

However there is a slight, and we mean slight, bit of truth to what Holly said.

A piece on Vox explains how sloths poo once about every three weeks but if the gases stayed in their intestines that long they could burst.

The article says: "If gases accumulated in sloths' intestines over that long a time, they might get sick - and even burst.

"So would-be sloth farts are simply reabsorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream. The gases are then respired out of the lungs: literal fart breath."

So if you think sloths are unbelievably cute, just remember that they basically fart out of their mouth.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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