Netflix's The Sinner Season Two Is Coming And The Trailer's Just Arrived

Netflix's The Sinner was one of its best shows of 2017, receiving global praise for its gripping storyline, dark content and stellar cast...

Originally starting out on the American cable network, USA Network, The Sinner was soon picked up by Netflix, where it got the recognition it most definitely deserved.

The first season of the show followed a traumatised mother who's struggling to recollect the hidden-away memories that caused her to commit a horrific crime.

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network

Starring Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman and Christopher Abbott, the series kept people hooked, and if the new trailer is anything to go by, season two is set to be just as thrilling.

The Sinner season two is going to be an entirely new story, following a similar idea to shows like American Horror Story, which features different characters and storylines in an connected universe.

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network

Even though you might miss Jessica's face, you don't need to worry too much as the show's still being produced by her, and is still going to feature Bill Pullman reprising the role of Harry Ambrose.

As expected, the trailer is creepy, dark and devious, and we absolutely cannot wait.

Luckily we won't have too long, as the show is coming on 1st August.


Best get it marked in the calendar, there's a Netflix binge-session due!

Featured Image Credit: USA Network/Netflix

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