We do love a good Netflix binge, and the latest we've been glued to is the terrifying American 'who dunit' The Sinner.

Jessica Biel stars as a young mother, who finds herself compelled to stab someone to death on the beach in front of her family, and afterwards has no idea why she did it.

Before Biel's character is sent to prison for life, a police officer is desperate to get to the bottom of the attack.

Watch the trailer here...

Credit: Netflix

The series throws up a lot of questions, like why wouldn't you immediately tell officers that you have no memory of the last two months of your life?

But there is always going to be questions surrounding a complex plot.

Credit: Netflix

But episode eight throws a huge plot hole in the mix, which has left some viewers dissatisfied.

WARNING, spoilers ahead...

So in the final episode we find out that Biel's character Cora actually has memories of her sister Pheobe, not of Maddie, like she first thought.

Credit: Netflix

When Pheobe accidentally dies at the hands of Frankie, who Cora later kills on the beach, Cora is hit on the head with an ashtray and is unconscious.

Frankie originally plans to kill Cora as well, but opts to keep her hostage, overdosed on heroin so her memory is completely gone.

I know - it gets even crazier.

Then he drops her in the street to be found by a worried passerby who takes her to rehab, before she gets clean and continues her life with no memory of those months or her sister's death.

Okay stay with me for a second.

Once all of that drama is over, why the flipping heck do Cora and Pheobe's parents not wonder where Pehobe is?! She had a heart condition and leukaemia and wasn't even supposed to be out the house..

Even though they think the sisters had gone to Florida, why didn't they wonder what had happened when Cora ends up in rehab?

Very, very strange. Still worth a watch though.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and started her career in regional newspapers before joining the team in 2017. Contact her on emma.rosemurgey@pretty52.com

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