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Netflix's New Horror Movie 'The Perfection' Is Making People Feel Physically Sick

People have been calling Netflix's latest horror film The Perfection "sick" in early reviews - but not just in the sense you'd hope.

That's right, the new horror flick should apparently come with a complimentary sick bag as it's been making viewers feel queasy across the globe since it landed on the streaming service on Monday.

The flick, starring Girls star Allison Williams and Logan Browning of Dear White People, follows a troubled musical prodigy (Williams) who seeks out the new star pupil of her school (Browning) with sinister consequences.


Just take a look at the trailer here, which give just a small hint at the kind of imagery that's is making people wanna vom:

Some of the most nausea-inducing moments include when Lizzie projectile vomits across a window, when she endures an unfortunate bout of diarrhoea on the bus, and when the audience see what looks like bugs crawling under her skin.

Erm, not for us thanks.

There's also another part when Charlotte gets blood splattered on her face and a fair few stabbing scenes. In short, it's gory AF.


Sharing their views on Twitter, some viewers said the imagery forced them to turn the movie off, while another shared that they were left feeling so nauseous they were considering pulling a sickie from work.

"Have yall watched The Perfection on Netflix ? Because im sick to make stomach [sic]," another viewer offered.

While a final added: "Just watched The Perfection on Netflix and felt sick pretty much the whole way through. Gory and disgusting."

We're not sure it was exactly Netflix's intention to make its customers sick when it added The Perfection, but that's exactly what's been happening...

At least it's not a film people will be forgetting in a hurry, right Netflix?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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Ciara Sheppard

Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Pretty 52. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.

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