Netflix Removed Joe Goldberg's Narration From 'You' And It's Disturbing

One of the most iconic things about Netflix's You is the constant narration of the main protagonist, Joe Goldberg. The voiceover gives a running commentary of the thoughts going through Joe's mind and gives a kind of justification for all the horrendous things he's doing (you know, like the stalking and the serial killing).

But, how would we feel about Joe if they cut his narrative out completely? Well, that's exactly what the online streaming giant has done, and it's super weird and awkward...

For anyone who's not familiar with the creepy thriller series starring Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley, it follows the life of bookstore manager Joe Goldberg, who falls madly in love with Guinevere Beck after she visits his store.

All seems well until Joe uses her name to frantically stalk her online before stalking her in person and happening to be there just in time to save her from getting hit by a train.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Soon, Joe has inserted himself into her life for real, but the stalking doesn't end there as he proves he'll do anything to remain in her life.

Weirdly, despite the fact Joe is quite literally a stalker and a serial killer, we find ourselves sympathising with him thanks to his constant rationale.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

But, what's even stranger is that when you take away Joe's constant narration, it reveals the couple don't actually say much to each other at all - which is concerning for a couple who are supposed to be madly in love.

As Netflix correctly points out,"when the only word between a couple all night is 'falafel,' it's probably not meant to be." Now, there's a lesson in love.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Somehow we feel we won't ever be able to watch You in the same way now. Cheers, Netflix.

Let's hope the memory of a narration-less You fades before season two comes out.

Emma Rosemurgey

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