I don't know about you, but if I was going on a date, the last thing I'd want is for my parents to have come along for the ride. Apart from making things just about as awkward as they could possibly get, I can guarantee they'd be scrutinising my date's every move, and nobody wants that.

But it looks like not everyone shares my 'anti-parent on date' sentiments, especially not 30-year-old Bobby from Essex, who thought it would be a fan-bloody-tastic idea to take his mum out for a dinner date on national television.

Each to their own, Bobby. Each to their own.

Credit: Channel 4

Luckily the pair weren't dating each other, but had signed up to appear on First Dates together, with both meeting a separate love interest at the restaurant.

As you'd expect, when Bobby's date arrived (who was, by the way, Love Island's Tyla Carr), it was probably as awkward as it could have been.

Tyla looked mega embarrassed as she joined the mother-son duo, leading her date to exclaim: "This is a bit awkward - this is my mum."

Credit: Channel 4

And, clearly feeling like the third wheel in the whole scenario, Bobby's mum, Jane, added: "I'm not here to escort him. It will get over that awkward 'when are we going to meet your mum'. It's done!"

Luckily it wasn't long before Jane's date arrived, allowing everyone to go off in their separate ways to enjoy themselves.


Clearly things didn't quite work out for Bobby and Tyla, as she was seen snogging the face off Jonny Mitchell and Muggy Mike on ITV2 this summer.

But in more positive news, it looks like Bobby is still enjoying wining and dining with his mum, as he proved with a recent Twitter post.

You keep you doing you, Bobby and Jane. We love ya.

Rachel Pugh

Rachel Pugh is a Junior Social Editor at PRETTY52. She previously worked as the Overnight TV & Showbiz editor for OK! Online. She started her journalism career in 2014, where she worked on the video desk for the Daily Star and Daily Express. Since then she has worked as a publisher, journalist, copywriter and social media manager on a variety of websites, with subject matters ranging from menswear to pop culture. Contact her – rachel.pugh@pretty52.com

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