Did they? Didn't they? We've been back and forth regarding whether or not Mike and Jess banged more than Liv and Chris have broken up. It's been a nightmare.

Tweets suggesting that Mike was going around bragging about bedding Jess went viral - a lot.

Credit: Twitter/@Harvey_lufc

It got so much attention that Mike had to release a statement saying that they categorically did not have relations. Hmm...

Credit: Mike Thalassitis/Twitter

The pair even appeared on This Morning to deny the rumours, but viewers (and Holly and Phil) were far from convinced as Mike kept laughing through the interview...

Credit: This Morning/ITV

Now Mike's ex, a paediatric nurse, has told The Sun that he confirmed to her that they DID sleep together.

She said: "Mike said he did have sex with Jess.

"They definitely did sleep together."

She also added that she was "shocked" that Mike returned to the villa, as he never told her he was going to.

She continued: "He never told me that he was going back to Love Island, I'm so shocked.

"I think he'll definitely be going in to get with Olivia to get back at Chris."


It looks like Mike could definitely do that, as Liv told Sam Gowland last night: "Right now, I'd pick Mike.

"I think we're very compatible. I wish I hadn't made Mike feel mugged by me but also, I wouldn't know that me and Chris are so incompatible if I hadn't tested it.

"It's done with me and Chris. It's not a break. We broke up, we've had four weeks; we've tested the hell out of it. It doesn't work.

"Mike is banter but he sits and chills and he wouldn't be bothered about me being loud and being myself, he'd just let me do my thing."

But we don't care about that. We want to know if anything did happen with Jess.

A spokesperson for Mike said: "Both Mike and Jess have denied on numerous occasions and Mike put a statement on his twitter.

"We now have no further communication with Mike until he comes out of the villa therefore, we cannot comment any further."

Booo. Get them on Jezza and crack out the lie detector.

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