It might be 2017, but if you ask me, they just don't make teen films like they used to.

Yeah, I might not be a teenager myself anymore, but I'm fully willing to fight with anyone who wants to argue that the best high school films weren't made in the nineties and noughties.

From American Pie and Juno, to The Princess Diaries and She's All That, looking back, we really were spoiled for choice - even without the help of Netflix.

However, there was one film which undoubtedly topped them all, and now it's been voted in as the 'best teen film' out there.

I am, of course, talking about the absolute belter of a film that is Mean Girls. YOU GO, GLEN COCO.


According to film ranking website Ranker, the 2004 high school favourite is top of the list when it comes to PG-13 teen films.

Sitting solidly in second place is feelgood musical Pitch Perfect, closely followed by 1995 classic Clueless, which is currently ranked as the third best teen film.

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Earlier this year, Tina Fey revealed that a Mean Girls musical would be hitting Broadway.

Confirming the news in a Facebook video, Tina, who wrote the script for the original film, seemed overjoyed at the prospect...

Credit: Facebook/Mean Girls On Broadway

After what seemed like a three thousand year-long wait, a trailer for the musical for itself was finally released, and it looked in every way as magical as we all expected...

Credit: Facebook/Mean Girls On Broadway

The film may have been released way back in 2004, but the Broadway production is set in 2017, meaning the girls have access to social media accounts including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. I can only imagine how the Burn Book will materialise in tech form, but whatever happens, we're sure Ms. Norbury won't be too happy about it.

The first dry run of the show took place in Washington in October, and is set to head to New York in spring 2018.

Unfortunately it's not yet clear whether the show will be making its way to the UK, but we have all of our fingers, toes and fake eyelashes crossed for it to happen.

Rachel Pugh

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