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Man Who Plans To Legally Lower His Age To Get More Tinder Matches Baffles GMB Hosts

Emile Ratelband - the man who made headlines last week with his desires to legally lower his age by 20 years - caused uproar on Good Morning Britain on Monday, continuing to insist his genius plan would help him get more Tinder matches.

According to 69-year-old Emile, the *only* thing stopping him from bagging himself a match on the dating app is his ripe old age. He wants to legally change it to 49 so his Tinder bio is 'totally truthful'.

But the 'age-fluid' Dutch entrepreneur became visibly frustrated as Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan struggled to wrap their heads around his plan.


This caused further havoc as Emile began swearing live on TV as he tried to reason his case.

"You can't change the fact of the date you were born," Susanna declared as Emile continued to stick by his idea.

But despite the presenter's well-made point, Emile replied: "You can be born as a small girl and as beautiful as you are, you could say, 'I feel like a man, I want to have a d*ck'."

Clearly shocked by Emile's words (the swearing, not the age debacle) on the ITV breakfast-time show, Piers was forced to step in, shouting: "Woah, woah, woah, woah!"

The Dutchman had to apologise to viewers for his outburst, but those watching at home were more offended by the fact he wants to change his age for dating purposes.


Credit: ITV/GMB
Credit: ITV/GMB

"I've heard b*ll*cks in my time, but this just about tops it off. Let's all change Monday to Friday, shall we?" declared one person.

Speaking on behalf of the nation, somebody else fumed: "It's wrong it's deceit, I'm 49 and I wouldn't look at him if I was single, no matter what he calls himself he looks in his 60's, if I had looked at him thinking he was my age and then found out he was 69 I would be furious."

"What is this nonsense, you are what age you are and that's that," tweeted a third.

And a fourth mocked: "He might say he's 49 but it doesn't alter the fact that he's 69, one of his reasons 4 wanting 2 alter his age is 2 attract more women I find that creepy and suspect [sic]."

Emile has started a legal battle to change his birth date from 1st March 1949 to 11th March 1969, telling a court in Arnhem in the Netherlands that he did not feel 'comfortable' with his date of birth.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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